Larry Sells

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About Me


I was raised in a small town called New Hartford, IA, where I graduated from high school in 1979. I loved to walk from my childhood home, 303 East Street, to school and back.

New Hartford was famous for was that it flooded every spring and sometimes summer. 303 East Street stood six blocks from Beaver Creek, so it always getting surrounded by river water.

I remembered watching my mother paddling a small boat to higher ground where she parked her car, so she can drive to work and go shopping for food and other supplies. I also remembered fishing from the roof of our porch and catching a couple of catfish. Like every good fishing person, I say the two fish were twelve inches long when they were actually six inches long.

When I was eight years old, I started writing short stories, personal essays, and poetry. I found magic in writing stories. With each story that I wrote, I discovered that they become part of me. I wrote in tablets and hid them underneath my mattress.

My mother, during one of her cleaning adventures in my room, found one of my tablets. She opened and tried to read my chicken hand, but could not. She decided to purchase me a typewriter, so she can read what I wrote. On my twelfth Christmas, my mother gave me the greatest gift of all, a manual typewriter with realms of typing paper, eraser, carbon paper, and love. She told me that I didn't have to hide my stories and that she would love to read them.

I graduated from North Iowa Area Community College, NIACC, from Mason City, IA, on May 6, 1994, with an AA (Associate in Arts) in writing. I continued my college education and graduated from University of Northern Iowa, UNI, from Cedar Falls, IA, with a BA (Bachelor of Arts) in English with a Creative Writing minor on December 21, 1996.

I currently live in Decorah and work as a peer support specialist. I am slowly getting to know the community of Decorah. I love the people and the lovely scenery. I still love to write and have written and published over twenty-five books; mostly poetry, and a few short story anthologies.

My Madness, my latest book, was released in September  2012, and is now available through my Create Space store, Amazon, and Dragonfly Books located at 112 W. Water Street, Decorah, IA.